Faculty at Memorial University of Newfoundland did study on Students’ Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Higher Education

The researchers had asked their students this question:

  • What characteristics are essential for effective teaching from the student perspective?

Analyzing and combining reasonably synonymous characteristics, researchers isolated the top nine for online and for face-to-face students.

1. Respectful 1. Respectful
2. Responsive 2. Knowledgeable
3. Knowledgeable 3. Approachable
4. Approachable 4. Engaging
5. Communicative 5. Communicative
6. Organized 6. Organized
7. Engaging 7. Responsive
8. Professional 8. Professional
9. Humorous 9. Humorous

Respect is number 1.  More important than knowledge!!! The ability to communicate and engage are high on the list but respect dominates all other characteristics in effective teaching, in the students opinion. Interesting that Faculty spend, on average, 22 years acquiring enough knowledge to teach at the university level. How much time do we spend on respect?

The same top nine characteristics are common between online and face-to-face students, with only the order for the two bolded characteristics changing.

Responsiveness is more highly valued online, moving five positions. Which is not surprising considering all the  mobile devices and connectivity of today.

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